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IT Operations Management

Get Visibility and Control over Infrastructure and Operations

The health and performance of the IT infrastructure and its seamless delivery of IT services are essential components in the blueprint of any organization striving to meet clients’ needs and stay ahead of the competition. IT admins need a clear, well-defined process to help them gain the right amount of visibility into their IT infrastructure and ensure peak performance. This is where IT operations management (ITOM) comes into play. ITOM is a critical, clearly defined, end-to-end IT management process aimed at ensuring optimal performance of an organization's IT infrastructure.

Kinsfolk helps IT admins with end-to-end performance monitoring and event management. With the use of AIOps to dynamically learn behaviour, correlate, analyse, prioritize event data we provide a comprehensive view of how key services are performing. This helps IT operations teams to focus on the most business-critical issues, so they know immediately if customer experiences are going to be impacted.


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Infrastructure Management powered by Analytics

Identify and address performance abnormalities before they affect the business. TrueSight Infrastructure Management automatically learns the behaviour of your infra, informs what’s normal, and issues alerts only when the infra behaviour needs attention, so you focus on the events that matter the most. It eliminates the need to manage traditional and static thresholds for event generation and reduces false alarms and related incidents by up to 90%. Moreover, it eliminates the need to manually define, configure, and maintain correlation rules and policies. It also assembles events by role, location, or technology for better visibility.

Log analytics with ML to reveal Root Cause

Get machine-assisted analysis of log data, metrics, issues, events, changes, and incidents. Go through millions of messages automatically with just one click to solve problems faster. Collect and index log and other machine data automatically across domains. Search for anomalies and identify patterns and deviations with behavioural learning. Create alerts for the detection of pattern deviations.


Application performance monitoring

Get instant insights into the application performance user behaviour with real and mock end-user experience management. Identify the users, transactions or application calls impacting performance. Separate failing transactions between application stack components. Use a single interface to manage cloud and hybrid applications on and off-premises with ease.

Automated Middleware Performance Management

Pinpoint middleware problems that may possibly affect service delivery. Monitor middleware software and hardware such as IBM MQ, DataPower, and Integration Bus (IIB) with TrueSight Middleware Management. Decide the status of any middleware object, anywhere in your environment, without logging into each host.

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