e BMC APJ DSOM Partner of the Year 2021 We are pleased to announce we have received BMC APJ DSOM Partner of the year award
for 2021. And now we are Elite tier partner with BMC.
Know More Ground-breaking Smart City Solutions A Smart City senses, processes, and delivers informed decisions that improve the environment for citizens. Know More AI Enabled RPA & Chatbots Automate your processes. Propel your business. Know More AIOps and Advanced IT Automation Get the platform that automates across your IT ecosystem & integrates with your existing IT solutions. Know More The analytics platfom for all your metrics Query, visualize, alert on and understand your metrics no matter where they are stored.
Create, explore, and share dashboards with your team and foster a data driven culture.
Know More Professional IT Managed Services Our Managed Services team work 365x24x7 to help cater our customers globally.
We take care of the specific IT functions while you focus on the things that matter to your business the most.
The Future of work

Shaping the future through Digital Business Automation

Kinsfolk is a technology partner dedicated to transforming businesses. We deliver future-ready digital transformation strategy services, products, and platforms that create new possibilities and help you imagine what’s next.

Your journey to a Digital will not be static or sudden. It requires your organization to take the progressive steps to leverage more automation and AI/ML capabilities to support the evolution and maturity of the technology enabled tenets.

Building on the strengths of today’s success, you will need to continue to run your business as it evolves and reinvent your operations for the future.

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A global accelerator of Digital Transformation

Our services suite is designed in a way that it helps define what is required for your business today, how the solutions should be designed & implemented and more importantly, what's the next big thing your business needs to focus on.

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Kinsfolk Technology is a trusted partner for several organizations, carrying right portfolio for digital transformation by establishing right -fit strategy, delivering technology solutions and providing managed services.
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